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Dabei seit: Februar 2005
Herkunft: München

Beiträge: 547
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WWF – Pakistan rescued a six weeks old Snow Leopard cub in the Northern Areas. A local in Naltar Valley had removed two cubs from the wild, unfortunately, one of them died. The local informed the WWF – Pakistan and on receiving information, WWF – Pakistan staff went to Naltar Valley and recovered the surviving cub and brought it to Gilgit and arranged its thorough veterinary check up. The local gave the cub away on the condition of anonymity. The cub is in a better condition now and is recovering. The Serena Hotel has also offered to provide the Snow Leopard cub a comfortable housing while it is in Gilgit. The Northern Areas Forest and Wildlife Department has been very supportive and once the cub's health stabilises, the Government will move the cub to the Khunjarab National Park 's guesthouse. The responsibilities of looking after the cub are being transferred to the Northern Areas Forest and Wildlife Department because the Khunjarab National Park has better climatic conditions to house the cub. The NWFP Wildlife Department has also offered to give this cub a permanent home in a captive facility in the Ayubia National Park .

Unfortunately, this cub cannot be returned to the wild because it is reared by people and cannot be taught skills necessary for survival such as hunting which cubs learn from their parents. Additionally, releasing a leopard is dangerous because it might enter a territory of another leopard and would be killed. This cub, if survives, will be an ambassador of wild leopards. Snow leopard is an endangered species and total population in its range countries is around 3,000 and is found between 3000 – 5400 metres in Himalayas . Snow Leopard is being protected in Pakistan and it is illegal to kill it. It is also protected under Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), which makes trafficking of any body part or animal itself illegal in signatory countries. Pakistan is also a signatory to CITES.


Pakistans letzte Leoparden

15.07.2005, 12:37
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